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Many of us may be daydreaming about travel as the weather warms and a new normal appears to be on the horizon.

Vacations have always been a time when smart habits tend to get thrown to the wayside, whether it’s the food you eat, the amount of sleep you get, or other common sense behaviors. But let’s face it: Nothing hampers your enjoyment more than not feeling ready to take on your day.

Preparation is key. If you’re already in the habit of eating right and getting enough exercise, maintaining that lifestyle on vacation (even if it’s a little more relaxed) will be that much easier.

Along with getting yourself into a regular routine of exercise and a good diet, follow these tips to be your best and support your overall health while you take in some much needed R&R.

Set the standard with supplements before you go

Nutrition Supplements and fruit bowl

Living a healthy lifestyle year-round is the best way support a healthy immune system when you’re away from home. Make time each week to move your body, eat your greens, get plenty of sleep and take your vitamins.

Vitamin D is a good one to include because it supports heart health and your immune system†. And travel can sometimes affect your digestion, so consider a probiotic supplement to help it out.

Follow safety guidelines

Prior to traveling, make sure to double check your destination’s local safety guidelines so you’re prepared to follow the rules.

Be ready to wear a mask, wash your hands, avoid touching your face and maintain social distancing whenever possible. Pack extra hand sanitizer, too, in case there’s no place to wash your hands

Drink plenty of water

women drinking water

Staying hydrated has a whole host of health benefits — plus it just makes you feel great. So make sure to sip water around the clock to stay hydrated.

Water might seem a little boring compared to that extra large drink with an umbrella you have your eye on but staying hydrated will help you feel and function fabulously while you’re on vacation. Go ahead and get that umbrella — but make sure to get a glass of water with it.

Keep your body moving

Some of us prefer a little rest and relaxation when it comes to traveling — and there’s nothing wrong with that! But if you want to come home from your vacation feeling great instead of tired and sluggish, a little movement is needed.

There’s no need to hit the hotel gym at 4 a.m. (but way to go if you do!). A brisk but casual stroll still counts as exercise and lets you explore your destination at the same time.

Plan for a good night’s sleep

Getting enough sleep is vitally important to your health. But getting enough sleep is easier said than done while traveling, especially if you’re hopping time zones.

As tempting as it sounds to grab a nap as soon as you arrive, resist the urge to close the blackout curtains and succumb. Instead, stick to the local schedule to help your body acclimate quicker.

Enjoy the sun — safely

Soaking up some sunshine is on a lot of travel to-do lists. But there is such a thing as too much sun. Over exposure, sunburn, peeling skin – ouch! Those probably aren’t the mementos you were hoping to bring back from your vacation.

Make sure to pack sun protection in the form of a hat, sunglasses, flowy long sleeves and — of course — sunscreen. Experts recommend reapply your sunscreen every two hours as well as after toweling off, swimming, sweating, etc.

Have fun!

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